About Me

Hello Puppies...

This is My about Me page.

There is so much that is "about Me"

I surely could not share it all here now.

...so I will add to this page on an on going basis.

Make sure you visit now and then for updates.


  1. Do you have facebook fan page or fan profile? : )

  2. Yes I do,,,I just recently opened a new profile due to My last one being deleted.

    Check out My links list snd check it out.

  3. Greeting, Goddess Erotika.
    I saw your profile in collarme monthes ago...
    and I just wanted to say I'm a huge fan. Goddess Erotika.. althogh I couldn't have the opportunity to serve you because I'm student yet... but I read your profile oftenly and adore your youtube videos.
    There is no doubt that you are the most powerful and beautiful Goddess in this universe.

  4. can you do dvds ifv so send me a message to apeacock64@yahoo.co.uk regards andrew kisses xxx

  5. Yes Andrew...I do custom video's all the time! Email Me at fetishgirlshasta@hotmail.com and ask for details!

    Fetish Girl Shasta...aka...Goddess Erotika

  6. Amari Suberu-MorrisonAugust 2, 2013 at 11:38 AM

    Hi there, Goddess Erotika...

    Could you do some private smoking video's and some photos?
    If so, that would be great! I adore you and your video's and you are the best smoking fetish girl and goddess ever to be born in all eternity.

    Dreamy kisses, xxxxxx

    p.s. could you do some swearing and enter the video saying, hi sexy. If so, that would be awesome! Like the language in your Curtis slave video.

    My lovely regards,

  7. Hows the new site coming Mistress?

    phillip sissyfaggot